Although Blackwood Canyon has not historically sought out the opinions of the wine critic community, nor have we been inclined to enter our wines in many wine 'competitions', we nevertheless do occassionally come accross some noteworthy comments. Below are some statements we feel are representative of our style. Also, be sure to check out the excerpt from Tom Clancy's Net Force - State of War.

If you know of any other comments from published or well-known critics that you would like to direct us to, please let us know! (click here)


"Mike Moore is the dynamo behind Blackwood Canyon, an artist constantly trying to extract all the grape can yield. Some call the wines eccentric. But they are exciting and show Moore's sense of commitment to the soil and his intense methodology."

Dan Berger-L.A. Times

"Blackwood Canyon is a must stop in the Yakima Valley, the wines are the product of a true eccentric, Mike Moore, who makes artisanal, individualistic wines which can strike amazing highs..."

Robert Parker- Wine Advocate

" I have been asked by Hugh Johnson to provide his publishers with some up to date Blackwood Canyon labels with a view to inclusion in the fourth edition of his World Atlas of Wine."

Mark Savage- Windrush Wines
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

"Veronelli Editore, Italy's most recognized publisher of books of fine wine, will be republishing its catalogue of the world's wine in 1993.
This work, which selects the 1000 finest wines from the world's vineyards, has selected the following wines from your house for this edition;
1987 Chardonnay Red Mountain Vineyards
1987 Merlot Columbia Valley"

Daniel Thomases-Veronelli Editore

"Blackwood Canyon is a radical, take-no-prisoners, anti-commercialistic, extremism in the pursuit of excellence is no vice kind of a winery. ....Mike Moore's methods do not fit the Washington norm, but the complex flavors of his wines validate his approach."

Ted Meredith- Northwest Wine

"Blackwood Canyon make some wonderful late harvest wines from botrytis-affected Riesling and Semillon..."

-Godfrey Spence, The White Wine Companion, A Connoisseur's Guide.

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